Reduce Risk Through Customer Due Diligence

Real-Time Evaluation of the Client Relationship

Risk Detective™ mitigates the risk associated with payment services by providing real-time rating of customer eligibility. It provides your institution with information that helps determine what types of services to offer your customers and what limitations to impose on the use of those services.

Unique Evaluation Criteria for Each Product Offering

Different payment products carry different patterns of behavior as well as varied risks. Risk Detective enables your institution to create unique risk calculations for each of its product offerings.

User-Defined Risk Scoring

Risk Detective enables your institution to specify the factors to consider when rating the eligibility of a client for a specific product or service. Historical and same-day transaction activity can be factored into customers’ risk scores, as well as user-defined risk events and updates from exception systems, including CV Systems’ Fraud Detective®and Dupe Detective® software suites .

Inquiry & Reporting

Risk scoring is performed in response to API inquiries from other systems, such as teller, online banking, or account management systems. CV Systems’ Fraud Detective and Dupe Detective solutions can also inquire on customers’ risk scores for automatic handling of suspects. With this information, financial institutions are able to make quicker, more informed decisions on whether to place holds and/or funds-availability limits on high-risk deposits. This integrated solution helps institutions identify fraud more accurately and reduce false positive notifications that might otherwise adversely affect customer relationships.

Built for SaaS/Cloud Computing Environments

Risk Detective is designed and built to be implemented as either an in-house or service provider solution. We offer optional usage-based pricing to service providers for low entry costs and ease of scaling as your client base expands.

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