Enterprise Fraud Detection

Fraud Detective® reduces risk and cost by improving both the speed and accuracy of identifying fraud within multiple payment channels. It combines early detection capabilities, proven fraud controls, user-driven business rules, image-analytic technology, and system integration to provide a solution that accurately identifies fraud while keeping false positives to a minimum.

Same-Day, Real-Time, and Real-Time Inquiry

Fraud Detective provides full support for the industry’s Faster Payments initiatives. The system accommodates both same-day and real-time payment processing. If an institution is not yet ready for true real-time transaction processing, it can still benefit from Fraud Detective’s real-time inquiry capability. With real-time inquiry, Teller, ATM, Mobile, Remote Deposit, and other bank systems can inquire on the status of a payment at any point in time to make critical funds availability decisions.

Multi-Channel Fraud Detection

Fraud Detective accommodates fraud processing for multiple payment channels. Regardless of whether the source is image exchange, RDC, mobile deposit, ACH, wire, or traditional check systems, Fraud Detective intercepts fraud suspects early in the payment stream and facilitates resolution.

Image Analytics

Fraud Detective leverages its early detection capabilities with optional image analytical features, including check stock validation and signature verification, to provide more accurate identification of high-probability suspects.

Full Resolution Via Workflow Integration

Fraud Detective doesn’t just monitor for duplicates. By integrating with the institution’s existing payment systems, it actually fixes the problem by removing these bad items from the payment stream. Fraud Detective integrates with your payment systems, DDA systems, and image archives, as needed, to deliver a seamless, automated, and complete solution.

Cross-Bank Inquiry

The Cross-Bank Inquiry™ option enables participating institutions to inquire on each other’s Fraud Detective systems in real-time or prior to presentment. As the presenting bank, this enables you to avoid any associated losses – either by placing a hold on the depositor’s account for the amount of the item or refusing the deposit – instead of waiting for the return from the owning bank. By cooperating to achieve early identification of duplicates, financial institutions can avoid the associated losses and reduce the adjustment costs.

Built for SaaS/Cloud Computing Environments

Fraud Detective is designed and built to be implemented as either an in-house or service provider solution. We offer optional usage-based pricing to service providers for low entry costs and ease of scaling as your client base expands.

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