Fraud and Duplicate Detection Across Financial Institutions

Cross-Bank Inquiry® (CBI®) enables participating institutions to inquire on each other’s Dupe Detective® and Fraud Detective® systems in real-time or prior to presentment. This enables the presenting bank to avoid any associated losses – either by placing a hold on the depositor’s account for the amount of the item or refusing the deposit – instead of waiting for the return from the owning bank. By cooperating to achieve early identification of fraud and duplicates, financial institutions can avoid the associated losses and reduce the adjustment costs.

Supports Real-Time Payment Processing

In addition to support for batch processing, CBI facilitates real-time payment validation across financial institutions.

Inter-Bank Communication via CBI Switch

The CBI Switch technology manages communication between all participating institutions. CBI Switch also accommodates communication with participants who have duplicate and fraud solutions that are not provided by CV Systems. These institutions can initiate cross-bank inquiries to a CBI Switch via industry standard (SOAP) communication requests. Any company that accepts financial payments and wants to validate those payments as soon as possible can benefit from the CBI network, including financial institutions, merchants, check cashers, and payment processors.

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