The Transaction Management System consists of three sub systems:

The Switch Management System is a true switch and is the traffic manager for all transactions in and out of the system. Messages can be received from an end point in one format and sent to another end point in a different format. End points are device handler, authorization, external networks (STAR, VISA, VDPS, CIRRUS, etc), or other CPU’s in house or off site. All traffic is recorded on log files for reporting, on line viewing, audit control and file creation for interfaces to downstream user processing.

The Device Handler System provides the support for ATM or POS devices. ATMs are supported in both native and emulation mode. All ATM features are supported including:

  • Customer Statement Printing
  • OAR Selection
  • Image Enabled Deposits
  • Cash and Check Deposit Automation
  • Check Cashing
  • Multiple Languages
  • Foreign Currency
  • Split Deposits
  • Electronic Journalizing
  • Stamps
  • Coupons
  • Gift Certificates
  • Remote Key Loading

Automatic monitoring of all devices is included for notification to network control for problem resolution.

The Authorization System accesses in house user application files for transaction decision making and file posting. Multiple files are supported by institution including Checking, Savings, Credit Card, loans, etc. The CV Systems input/output handlers are tailored at each installation to access and update the user files according to the installation specifications. Installation experience includes interfaces to products of other financial institution software suppliers.